Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trainside Graffiti

Los Angeles has got some talent. Imagine if these graff cats honed in on these skills and became marketing directors or something. They got images that will turn heads around the block. But just as well, I'm down with some graff on my way home back to the suburbs.

Chicago City

Great city I gotta say. 3rd most populated right under LA. The buildings were impressive, as well was their food. Ate so much, never felt better. Deep dish pizza & italian beef sandwiches for days. Polite taxi drivers too. Hit up the Lakers/Bulls game, Lakers lost. My camera battery died right when we got into the their MOCA museum. Whatevs, I'll get it next time...

Like next year when I try and bike around Lake Michigan. Bring your gloves.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brussels, Belgium

Couldn't understand a damn thing anyone was saying here in Belgium. Waiters & waitresses were polite though. So cold I couldn't say a word back. Those cobblestone streets are deadly on the feet, I was hurtin'. Nothing a couple gallons of belgian beer won't cure. This city seems it's more for a taste of a woman. It had pretty cathedrals, chocolate, and a thousand restaurants.
Next time around, I won't show up at a pub with a bunch of white tourists dancing to kanye techno. Better yet, I should of stayed and watched.